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What area do you service?

Our Video and Photo Booth will travel anywhere in New England. We also do not charge travel fees if your event is within the New England Area! (Note: Islands Excluded; Addition Fees for Ferry/Lodging).


How much do you charge? Per Hour? Per Event?

Complete the Contact Form under the "Contact Us" tab to the left and we will provide you with a quote for your event. In addition, we also usually have a special or a promotion running, which we will automatically include in your price quote! 



How fast do the photos print out?

After a session is over the printer will start printing immediately. It takes about 4 - 6 seconds to print your picture that will last a lifetime.


Are the photos of high quality?

Yes. With the combination of our State Of The Art Computer, printer and digital camera, our booth provides you with highest quality photos that are clear and vibrant with natural tones. All prints have a matte finish and will last a lifetime. The photos are high quality, digital, photos.


How big is the Photo Booth?

The photo booth is approximately 5 feet wide x 5 feet long and it is 7 feet tall. Our Extended Booth is 6 feet wide x 6 feet long and it is 7 feet tall)  


Are there limitations as to where the photo booth can be set-up?

No! The Video and Photo Booth can be setup with or without an enclosure. If space is an issue, the “open air” kiosk can fit anywhere (it’s about the size of a traditionally ATM machine). Ideally we would like to be right next to a power outlet. When we arrive before your event even starts, we will get together with your contact person at your venue and pick the best location. 


Can the photo booth be setup outside?

Yes, if there is shelter provided such as a tent or cover. If nothing is provided we may be able to provide a cover. There may be an addition charge for this cover. Without shelter, the elements could lessen the quality of the photos. Keep in mind that electricity is required to run the photo booth.


What is your Video Message option?

Our Video Message option is FREE OF CHARGE. During every photo taking session your guests can choose to leave you a video message of congratulations. This allows your videographer to concentrate on the fun things. No more interruption from a microphone being passed around the tables!


How many people can fit inside the photo booth?

Our Video and Photo Booth can fit up to 8-10 adults comfortably. Although with a little creativity, many more can be included in the pictures; We've had up to 15 people in the booth at one time!


What if I want more than one copy of the same image?

Not a problem. Keep in mind an extra picture is printed for your scrapbook. If yet another copy is desired, just hit “print” again and two more photo strips will print out! Unlimited photo strips can be printed out per session. Everyone leaves with their own copy!


Is the photo booth easy to use?

The photo booth is VERY easy to use. Just follow the easy instructions on the touch screen. 


Will there be someone at the event to maintain the photo booth?

Yes. Professionally dressed Hosts on hand that will accompany the booth at your event. They will monitor the booth constantly to ensure it's running properly. 


Will you publish our photos on the internet?

We publish your event photos on a secure website for six months! The photo gallery for your event can be password protected.  


When do you recommend we rent the Video and Photo Booth?

As soon as you decide to hire our Video and Photo Booth, we encourage you to book it. A signed contract is all that is required to save your date!


Do you provide props?

Yes, we bring tons of props with every Video and Photo Booth rental. This includes colored hats, boas, inflatable toys, signs, etc. Every Prop is sanitized after every use.  


Are the props child friendly?

Yes. Children love our props. Most of our items included in each package will fit on most kids.


Can we supply our own props?

Yes. We encourage you to bring along any special props that your guests may enjoy taking pictures with. Props that suggest inside jokes are always fun to build your pictures with.


What are the event cards?

Each guest receives an event card as they exit the photo booth. This card has information on it so they can log into our website and view, print, share, and download their photos and videos.


How much time is needed to set up the photo booth?

Approximately 30-45 minutes.


Do you charge extra to setup the photo booth?

No. Set-up is included in the price. 


Is the photo booth wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Video and Photo Booth is designed with this in mind! The entrance to the photo booth is more than sufficient to accommodate any wheelchair or special need situation.


Will the photos fade over time?

Possibly, but not likely. There is never a guarantee for this, however, the quality printer and paper that we use lessen the possibility. The prints will be fade resistant. According to the manufacturer of our printer, they are "expected to last 100 years under proper conditions."


Can we personalize the prints?

Yes. You have the option of adding text to the prints (such as your event name) a logo or your picture. You may choose to have a picture of the Bride and Groom, birthday girl, etc as the 4th picture on every strip. You may also add a logo with a date or other special information. We will go over this with you before the event and act upon your approval.


What if we lose a print?

You can have a copy of every picture taken put in your scrapbook. You will be given a flash drive or DVD of all your pictures handed to you at the end of your event. Also, all images will be posted on our website in real time or within 48 hours after the event (if the internet connection wasn’t sufficient enough to upload in real time). Your events pictures will be posted in this secure area for six months after your event. Each guest will receive an event card with the link, event id and password. This will allow everyone at the event to access the photos and videos, download and print any photos they like, etc.  


Do we get unlimited photos and videos?

Yes. With every package the "fun" is unlimited. Bear in mind time restraints however. If the photo booth is completely occupied during one whole hour (which there is a good chance of), you will get approximately 45 sessions during that hour. This includes the time that it takes for people to enter the booth, take their photos, record their video messages, and exit the booth.


How long should I rent the photo booth for?

In a typical hour the photo booth will be used for 45 sessions. So, if you want around 200 prints you should rent it for 4 or 5 hours. This depends on how available you want the photo booth to be for your guests. Of course, it also depends on how long your event is and how many people are attending. In most cases our clients rent the photo booth for 4 to 5 hours for up to 200 guests.


Can we have the photo booth shut down for an hour or two during the event?

Considering that our 5 hour package is our most popular, there is usually time to shut down the Video and Photo Booth if you have a need to. Your 5 hours start when you have contracted it to start. We can create a custom package based on your specific needs.


Can we move the photo booth to a different location during the event?

Yes. However, the downtime in moving the photo booth is included in your rental time. 


Do you offer any discounts?

You can choose not to have the scrapbook and save $50. The total will be deducted at final payment and will come off the total package price. We often run specials or deals- just ask and we'll let you know what our current deal/promotion is! And lastly, we do offer school, churches and non-profit discounts, please email us for details.


Can we use the photo booth to help raise money for our charity, school or church?

Yes. Please email us and we can talk to you about ways to do this. We are also open to suggestions. Remember we do offer rental discounts for schools, churches and non-profits. 


What exactly is the Scrapbook included in the package?

Our scrapbook is for you to enjoy forever. At the end of the event we will give the book to you. It will be filled with Photo Strips taken at your party. Roughly 4 photos and 4 hand written messages will fill the front and back of each page. So the book will provide for roughly 150 photos and 150 personalized messages. We will guide each guest to fill out the book. We will provide everything necessary for them. 


What if I need to cancel or change the date?

If you need to change your date, there is never a charge for a date change if done with at least 2 weeks' notice and our photo booth is available for your rescheduled date. If you need to cancel your order entirely, there is a 25%-50% cancellation fee (25%-50% of the total contract price depending on when you cancel- refer to the contract language). 


What is your payment policy?

We do not require a deposit; Just a signed contract (25%-50% cancellation fee). Payment is due, in full, 10 days before the event unless you prefer to pay CASH the night of.


Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments, where you can pay with a credit card. It is free to open up a PayPal account. 


What does the person do once they are inside the photo booth?

They simply follow the on-screen instructions which will entail pushing either “Take Photos” or “Record Video.” If “Take Photos” is selected, a series of 3 photos will be taken and at the end, the guest can print photo strips and/or share the photos via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Text! If “Record Video” is selected, the guest can record a video message to the guest of honor (usually up to 60 secs). The video message can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text! One of the advantages of our photo booth is that it is very user friendly.


What if there is a mechanical failure during the event?

Our on-site Host will work as fast as possible to resolve any issues. Changing of printer materials takes 10-15 minutes. Any down time other than routine changing of printer materials will result in a pro-rated refund for the down time; customer satisfaction is our number one priority!


Can we regulate how often people visit the photo booth?

Yes. We will have to come up with a plan with you before the event if you think that may be a problem. This is commonly considered when lots of kids are at an event, as they tend to use the photo booth a lot. Mind you, this is okay by us, but if you think it may be a problem then we can implement a "ticket" plan or something of the sort, that way all the adults will get a fair shot at the fun!


Does a attendant come with the rental?

Yes. All packages include at least one on-site Host for the duration of the event.


Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have liability insurance. Most event venues will ask you or us about this, but no worries, we are covered.  


How soon after the event can we see the photos and videos?

The photos and videos will upload to or direct link is:; we will upload everything as soon as the booth is back at our office, and we have an internet connection. We will mail you a flash drive and DVD movie (actual movie) with all of your pictures and videos that were taken (usually over 450- 500). You will leave your event with your custom Scrapbook.


Are the photos on the website ours to print and save to our computer?

Yes. We do not force you to buy our prints, print them yourself or save them to other computers.


Do you filter the content of the photos placed in the event gallery?

Yes. Even though the photos are password protected we still realize that minors could be accessing the site. We also delete any pictures that for whatever reason did not develop properly. If you have specific instructions for filtering, please let us know before the event or shortly thereafter.


Can we remove a photo or photos from the event gallery?

Yes. Just email us at and let us know. 

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